Martinez sheds light on the vast possibilities of – instead of killing with gun – maybe just talking to the person

“Amazing, how it could be that if you just talk to somebody as a human being – not as a resident of South Phoenix who you believe that because of the clothes that he is wearing – that somehow there’s a problem here. If you talk to that individual, according to their own witness, that’s what you should do first. And when you talk to that person, maybe you get some responses back. And maybe that will take care of the situation.” – Juan Martinez [Chrisman trial closing]

Martinez confronts ex-cop killing of victim’s dog; says he aimed center mass but didn’t ‘shoot to kill’

Chrisman actually tries to assert ‘centre of mass’ and ‘shoot to kill’ are not related

Juan Martinez: “I’m asking not asking you about that. I’m asking you about the dog. We’re clear there’s a difference between – well maybe not to you – but there is a difference between a human and and a dog, isn’t there?”

Richard Chrisman: “Yes.”

Juan Martinez: “I’m asking you about the dog. Once you shot the dog in the back… you weren’t worried about the dog, were you?”

Richard Chrisman: “I didn’t shoot the dog in the back.”

Juan Martinez: “You didn’t shoot him right here in the back, like this (points to his back) as he turned away from you?”

Richard Chrisman: “My bullet had hit him there, yes.”

Juan Martinez: “So you did shoot him in the back, as he turned away from you then, right?”

Richard Chrisman: “I fired two rounds at the dog.”

Juan Martinez: “Did Officer Virgillo fire any rounds that day?’

Richard Chrisman: “No, sir.”

Juan Martinez: “You were the only one that fired a gun, right?”

Richard Chrisman: “Yes.”

Juan Martinez: “The injuries indicate that he was shot right here in the back. You shot the dog in the back as it turned away from you, when he was turned away from you, right?”

Richard Chrisman: “Yes, I fired two rounds. I did not deliberately shoot the dog in the back.”

Juan Martinez: “You pulled the trigger deliberately, didn’t you?”

Richard Chrisman: “Yes.”

Juan Martinez: “You meant to stop the dog, right?”

Richard Chrisman: “Yes, sir.”

Juan Martinez: “And a way to stop the dog with a handgun is to kill it, right? That’s one way to do it, right?”

Richard Chrisman: “I aimed centre of mass.”

Juan Martinez: “You aim centre of mass to kill, don’t you?”

Richard Chrisman: “No, sir.”

Juan Martinez: “You don’t aim centre mass to, you don’t aim centre of mass to… to say hello, I mean as sort of a greeting, ‘you’re going to be okay’ kind of thing?”

Richard Chrisman: “No, you aim centre of mass because that’s the largest target area on a body.”

Juan Martinez: “And the dog… you’re saying the centre mass is the rump area, right? That’s what you’re saying?”

Richard Chrisman: “No, sir. My first round I fired, the dog was facing me, and I thought I hit in this area here, but apparently I hit it in the ear.”

Juan Martinez: “And then you hit it in the back, right?”

Richard Chrisman: “The second round, I believe so. Yes.”

Proven: Chrisman kills dog by shooting him in back; corroborated by forensics/ballistics

Martinez heats up cross-examination of Chrisman, ex-cop who calls dead victim ‘irrational’ because of curse words

Chrisman-RodriguezJuan Martinez: “This is when he – according to you – is cursing, right? You don’t find that offensive, do you?”

Defendant R. Chrisman: “No.”

Juan Martinez: “In fact, you’ve cursed yourself before, haven’t you? It’s something that many – part of the general lexicon – or part of people’s vocabularies, correct?”

Defendant R. Chrisman: “Yes.”

Juan Martinez: “That doesn’t mean he was being aggressive, does it? At that point, he was just saying things to you, wasn’t he?”

Defendant R. Chrisman: “He wasn’t being aggressive, advancing, he wasn’t grabbing or throwing anything.”

Juan Martinez: “He may have been saying ‘get the fuck out of my trailer’, right?” –

Defendant R. Chrisman: “Yes.”

Juan Martinez: “He may have been saying ‘where the fuck is the search warrant?’, right? Things like that, right?”

Defendant R. Chrisman: “Yes.”

Juan Martinez: “And you told him, ‘I don’t need no fuckin’ search warrant’, didn’t you tell him that?”

Defendant R. Chrisman: “No I did not.”

Juan Martinez: “You didn’t use the word motherfucker?’