Martinez asks defiant LaViolette if her goal is to ‘spar’ with prosecutor

Juan Martinez to hostile witness, Alyce LaViolette

“If you wanna spar…do you want to spar with me? Will that affect the way you view your testimony? Is that important to you whether or not the prosecutor is angry with regard to your evaluation? Does that make any difference to your evaluation whether or not the prosecutor is angry… yes or no?” – Juan Martinez

Martinez questions quack, Dr. Richard Samuels [the Apocalypse Personified]

“You don’t know that, do you? – Juan Martinez

“No I don’t. I’m speculating.” – “Dr.” Samuels Quack

“Right. You made it up right now. Speculating…” – Juan Martinez

“No, clinical judgment sir. Clinical Judgment.” – “Dr.” Samuels Quack

“Sir, you just used the word ‘speculating’, didn’t you?” – Juan Martinez

(long, long pause) “OK. I used the word… I misspoke.” – “Dr.” Samuels Quack

“Sure. And speculating means it could be made up, right?.” – Juan Martinez

(long pause again) “Yes… that’s one possibility. It could be made up.” – “Dr.” Samuels Quack

“Alright, thank you.” – Juan Martinez

Martinez warns about screwdriver-armed skateboarders who target strawberry frappucino drinkers

“And then, something that is so bizarre happens to her. It seems that there is this coincidental hoard of skateboarders in Pasadena. That’s, that’s the way the kids are in Pasadena. They go in hoards, these skateboarders. And this hoard of skateboarders, well, they carry screwdrivers. That’s one of the things. If you’re going to be in this hoard of skateboarders you have to have a screwdriver. That’s what you got to do. Or else you’re not allowed in this particular club out in Pasadena…

And you can get a Strawberry Frappuccino or whatever it is that you get at Starbucks when you go there. Be careful. Because when you go in to get this Strawberry Frappuccino, things are going to happen to your license plate if you run across this hoard of skateboarders with this… screwdriver.”

~ Juan Martinez


The Juan Martinez Stenographer

Martinez reflects on reflection of German Shepherd, Mexican Chihuahua

“I don’t see a camera, I don’t see a knife, I don’t see anything other than a blotch. And if we went to this place of business – I know that I said I saw a dog; it looked like a German Shepherd – perhaps I would probably see a Mexican Chihuahua. That’s the problem with this particular evidence; it doesn’t show anything and it’s subject to interpretation.”

~ Juan Martinez

The Journal Intruder?


“So you’re saying that somebody held your hand and stopped you from writing that? Are you saying that somebody came into your house, and stole your journals and took whatever was the journal there so you couldn’t write in it?” – Juan Martinez

[Martinez during cross-examination of murderer Jodi Ann Arias, regarding why she didn’t write abuse allegations/other negative things in her journal.]