Martinez confronts ex-cop killing of victim’s dog; says he aimed center mass but didn’t ‘shoot to kill’

Chrisman actually tries to assert ‘centre of mass’ and ‘shoot to kill’ are not related

Juan Martinez: “I’m asking not asking you about that. I’m asking you about the dog. We’re clear there’s a difference between – well maybe not to you – but there is a difference between a human and and a dog, isn’t there?”

Richard Chrisman: “Yes.”

Juan Martinez: “I’m asking you about the dog. Once you shot the dog in the back… you weren’t worried about the dog, were you?”

Richard Chrisman: “I didn’t shoot the dog in the back.”

Juan Martinez: “You didn’t shoot him right here in the back, like this (points to his back) as he turned away from you?”

Richard Chrisman: “My bullet had hit him there, yes.”

Juan Martinez: “So you did shoot him in the back, as he turned away from you then, right?”

Richard Chrisman: “I fired two rounds at the dog.”

Juan Martinez: “Did Officer Virgillo fire any rounds that day?’

Richard Chrisman: “No, sir.”

Juan Martinez: “You were the only one that fired a gun, right?”

Richard Chrisman: “Yes.”

Juan Martinez: “The injuries indicate that he was shot right here in the back. You shot the dog in the back as it turned away from you, when he was turned away from you, right?”

Richard Chrisman: “Yes, I fired two rounds. I did not deliberately shoot the dog in the back.”

Juan Martinez: “You pulled the trigger deliberately, didn’t you?”

Richard Chrisman: “Yes.”

Juan Martinez: “You meant to stop the dog, right?”

Richard Chrisman: “Yes, sir.”

Juan Martinez: “And a way to stop the dog with a handgun is to kill it, right? That’s one way to do it, right?”

Richard Chrisman: “I aimed centre of mass.”

Juan Martinez: “You aim centre of mass to kill, don’t you?”

Richard Chrisman: “No, sir.”

Juan Martinez: “You don’t aim centre mass to, you don’t aim centre of mass to… to say hello, I mean as sort of a greeting, ‘you’re going to be okay’ kind of thing?”

Richard Chrisman: “No, you aim centre of mass because that’s the largest target area on a body.”

Juan Martinez: “And the dog… you’re saying the centre mass is the rump area, right? That’s what you’re saying?”

Richard Chrisman: “No, sir. My first round I fired, the dog was facing me, and I thought I hit in this area here, but apparently I hit it in the ear.”

Juan Martinez: “And then you hit it in the back, right?”

Richard Chrisman: “The second round, I believe so. Yes.”

Proven: Chrisman kills dog by shooting him in back; corroborated by forensics/ballistics

Juan Martinez takes down idiot murderer with two names; “I’ll use whatever name he wants to convict him”

Rick Valentini aka Bryan Stewart convicted by Juan Martinez for the [2nd degree] murder of Jamie Laiaddee [without a body], and additional counts of fraud.

The Juan Martinez Stenographer (Transcription)

“Who is technically, legally on trial here?”

“An individual by the name of Rick Valentini, also known as Bryan Stewart.”

“But, isn’t this a little odd, because even through the trial you’re calling him Bryan Stewart…”

“That’s the name that he preferred. I’ll use whatever name he wants to convict him.” — Juan Martinez


Martinez squashes “evidence” of eye reflection; describes dog with a stick in mouth

“As soon as I saw that and they put it up on the screen, I thought, well ‘that’s a dog.’ And I can tell the court, if we take a look at exhibit number four, that what I saw: these right here, are the two ears [if you take a look at it], here’s the mouth and here are the eyes. This looks like it may be a stick that the dog has in its mouth. So, if I can make those avows and quite frankly that’s exactly what I thought as soon as I saw this, then there is nothing scientific about this.”

~ Juan Martinez

Martinez wins conviction in State of AZ vs. Jodi Ann Arias; Justice for Travis Alexander parts I & II

“No jury will convict me.” – Jodi Arias

“She’s a liar and a killer.” – Juan Martinez

“You’re a sociopath.” – Travis Alexander

“Guilty”. [of capital murder] – Arias Jury

“Guilty”. [Aggravation/special circumstances] – Arias Jury

Penalty phase retrial for sentencing pending [after hung jury, 8-4 favoring death].

Martinez asks Arias to clarify whether or not ‘God’ can be subpoenaed to tell us her own thoughts

Trial highlight according to… everyone.


TJMS (transcription)

“Well, other than you, who would be sure about your statements?” – Juan Martinez


“God.” – Arias

“Well, God’s not here. We can’t subpoena him, right?” – Juan Martinez

“I don’t think so.” – Arias

“You don’t think so? Are you sure that we can’t? Because it seems like you’re leaving the door open for that.” – Juan Martinez

Martinez questions quack, Dr. Richard Samuels [the Apocalypse Personified]

“You don’t know that, do you? – Juan Martinez

“No I don’t. I’m speculating.” – “Dr.” Samuels Quack

“Right. You made it up right now. Speculating…” – Juan Martinez

“No, clinical judgment sir. Clinical Judgment.” – “Dr.” Samuels Quack

“Sir, you just used the word ‘speculating’, didn’t you?” – Juan Martinez

(long, long pause) “OK. I used the word… I misspoke.” – “Dr.” Samuels Quack

“Sure. And speculating means it could be made up, right?.” – Juan Martinez

(long pause again) “Yes… that’s one possibility. It could be made up.” – “Dr.” Samuels Quack

“Alright, thank you.” – Juan Martinez

Martinez warns about screwdriver-armed skateboarders who target strawberry frappucino drinkers

“And then, something that is so bizarre happens to her. It seems that there is this coincidental hoard of skateboarders in Pasadena. That’s, that’s the way the kids are in Pasadena. They go in hoards, these skateboarders. And this hoard of skateboarders, well, they carry screwdrivers. That’s one of the things. If you’re going to be in this hoard of skateboarders you have to have a screwdriver. That’s what you got to do. Or else you’re not allowed in this particular club out in Pasadena…

And you can get a Strawberry Frappuccino or whatever it is that you get at Starbucks when you go there. Be careful. Because when you go in to get this Strawberry Frappuccino, things are going to happen to your license plate if you run across this hoard of skateboarders with this… screwdriver.”

~ Juan Martinez


The Juan Martinez Stenographer

Martinez reflects on reflection of German Shepherd, Mexican Chihuahua

“I don’t see a camera, I don’t see a knife, I don’t see anything other than a blotch. And if we went to this place of business – I know that I said I saw a dog; it looked like a German Shepherd – perhaps I would probably see a Mexican Chihuahua. That’s the problem with this particular evidence; it doesn’t show anything and it’s subject to interpretation.”

~ Juan Martinez